Area of expertise

Contract Law

Technology transfer agreements. Licenses. Assignments. Know-how disclosure agreements. Co-ownership agreements. Research agreements. Joint research agreements. Nondisclosure agreement. Biological materials transfer agreements. Evaluation agreement. License option agreements. Consortium agreements. Service agreements. Commission agreements. Scientific consultation agreements. Consultancy agreements. Escrow agreements. Commercial agent agreements. Franchise agreements. Distribution agreements. Selective distribution agreements. Manufacturing agreements. Clinical studies agreements. General terms and conditions of sales. General terms and conditions of purchase.

Intellectual Property

Copyrights, exploitation of rights, publishing contracts, right of data base producer, performance contracts, audiovisual production contract, commission contracts for advertising, neighbouring rights, Rights of Phonogram producers, Rights of videogram producers, Rights of audiovisual Communication companies, infringement seizure. Custom withholding measure.


Protection, seizure, court order, confiscation, custom withholding measure

Inventions Patents

Filling and processing of Applications. European patent application. PCT application. Assignment and licenses. Legal proceedings. Seizure. Infringement. Revocation. Supplementary protection certificates. Joint ownership regulation. Entry in the Register. And soon : Community Patent. FTO.

Know-How. Manufacturing Secrets

Protection. Transfer agreement. Legal proceedings.

Plant variety Protection

Filling and processing of Applications. Assignment and licenses. Legal proceedings. Seizure.


International Mark. Community Marks. Collective Marks. Appellations of Origin. Filling and processing of Applications. Opposition procedure. Assignment and licenses. Dispute. Legal proceedings. Seizure. Custom withholding measure.

Research Law

Technology transfer. Contribution to start-up companies. Rules applicable to scientific publications. Research collaboration. Awards for invention. Control of animal experimentation. Release or contained use of OGM. Biomedical research.

Competition Law - Distribution Law

Restrictive practices. Unfair competition. Parasitism. Defamatory practices. Procedure for exemption, poaching, false advertising, distribution networks, franchise networks.

Press law

Insult, defamation, indignation.

Private persons law

Family law. Banking law.

Employment Law.

Labour Law. Contractual termination. Individual dismissal. Economic dismissal. Transactions. Social Plan. Restructuring. Litigation. Disciplinary law. Burnt-out, work stress, harassment, professional equality, discrimination, occupational disease, recognition of inability, work accident, paid leave, overtime, personal training. URSSAF inspection. Social rescrit.